Bye mascara!

Also known as the classic set Khadijah's favourite and most popular set. Classic lashes are applied using the 1:1 method which simply means one false lash on one of your natural lashes. Ideal for clients who have a lot of natural lashes to start of with and those who prefer length rather than thickness.

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Classic volume mixture 'Hybrid'

Hybrid set is 70% volume lashes and 30% classic lashes, More than a classic set but less than a volume set

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Russian doll

Russian Volume lashes are applied by using 2-7 lightweight, thin lashes made into a fan by me and are placed onto one of your natural lashes. Creating a fluffy, dark and full apperance. Perfect for those who have thin lashes looking for more of a dramatic look.



Gaps will be filled and grown out lashes will be removed and replaced with new lashes.

Infills are needed after 2-3 weeks, more or less. This depends on how well you look after them and your lash growth.

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Lash Lift 'LVL'

Lash lifting known as LVL, is simply perming your natural lashes so they appear longer and curlier. The results are instant and last up to 8 weeks.

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Beauty Treatments

Waxing, Tinting and teeth whitenning is also available please contact for price list.


A gel solution is applied to the lash extensions, this weakens the bond of the glue and the lash extension. This procedure takes 20-45 minutes. This procedure does not damage your natural lashes.